Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I love the Twisted Tubular Herringbone pattern. These multicolored beauties were inspired by the world famous Indian corn.
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There is also the orange and black (work in progress)

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Hello everyone,how is your week going? I wanted to finish up any pieces left to move on to other stuffs.I finally finished up my Cellini spiral bracelets.....i wanted something that will be blue and something else with multiple colors. In the end it turned out very well.
These are pieces that you will not readily find here in will definitely be making a fashion statement with these bracelets.
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Monday, 26 January 2015


The three designs on these post are red-themed. It's hard to find a red piece that you won't like. Red always stands out>>>> place your order now!


This is a shopping bag....but you could still use it for other purposes like going to the saloon, the beach or even as a hand bag!


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Hello, I hope your weekend was great? let share some of my twine craft with you. when i first saw purple twine rope at the bus stop,a purse came to my mind.I have made plenty of multicolored bags, purses and slippers but a plain purple?? no. it turned out pretty and people keep requesting for it especially with the broach.
Just in case you are wondering what these bags are made from?? they are made from nylon twine ropes; yes! those types you use to spread your clothes in the backyard, tie stuffs up. Nylon twine products can last you a life time because they don't fade and can easily be maintained.
They are multipurpose and never loose their quality. if you don't have one, you should get one. place orders your order now.....

Saturday, 24 January 2015


I wanted to make a i decided it had to be the peyote stitch this time, even though i am forever a spiral person.
By the way, PEYOTE stitch is what we commonly know as MATING here in Nigeria!I wanted it it to be fun and playful.....a bubbly bracelet....and it turned out that way. i like it call it VIVA!

Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello again, I love to try new things and overtime perfect my skills. Since the very day i came across the spiral techniques i cannot get over it. it is so much fun.As a woman, mother,entrepreneur and so many things all at once even though the roles vary with time,i am at the height of multitasking and it's even more demanding breastfeeding. This is the very reason i am always on the lookout for something very interesting....hungry to stretch my creativity (i cannot cope with boring existence. There are different types of spiral techniques and you have to love beading to sit down doing these amazing stuffs.Around here(Nigeria),layers can go on forever.....people love layers! but i have always wanted something different that's why am always on the look out for something new and pretty.....perhaps,it's because i find sand-bead expressions more fun and challenging! From Russian to Turkish to dutch even the herringbone techniques are excellent form of spirals you can express can master it and earn good money. let me share some of the photos of my work in progress....and finished work.