Saturday, 7 February 2015


I worked on some beautiful pieces and wanted to share it with you>>> imagine these pretty necklaces on someone very special or even yourself (if you are female).......

Friday, 6 February 2015


My work has kept me busy and thinking of more way to explore my spiral fever.....i wanted so much to work with so many colours and really imagined how best each piece will be transformed with any outfit. I do not intend to keep myself inside a box, that is why i make pieces that you could rock with different outfits....from native to casual to corporate; from sunday mornings to office and when you decide to enjoy a classy night out! At Rutabagae Craft......we want you to always make a statement rocking any of our craft and you don't have to break the bank to do that. My spiral fever continues and it won't fade out in a hurry. I have made suggestions of different dress colour and sizes you can wear these beautiful crafts with>>>but you could make your choice too! You can make your order through e-mail ( and reach us on twitter (@MadeEveryday). You can also request size and colour of your choice...... enjoy the rest of your week....
Imagine rocking this beaded necklace with the girls night out and with a black dress??
(you can also wear it on other colours). LILAC WITH GOLD AND PURPLE
ROYAL BLUE AND SKYBLUE (white vintage dress (not limited to this choice)
MULTI COLOURED (WORK IN PROGRESS) (Thinking orange or green or even yellow) This is going to turn out pretty>>>>there is going to be a mix up somewhere.....
it must have that drama:that's how the beauty will come through>>>